Our Mission

Our nonprofit organization is dedicated to providing charitable and educational services focused on basketball. 

We are committed to promoting the positive impact of basketball by empowering individuals and communities through our programs, initiatives, and resources.

Our Promise To The Community

Youth Development

We believe in the transformative power of basketball as a tool for personal growth and development. 

Through our educational programs, coaching clinics, and mentorship initiatives, we empower young individuals with essential life skills, character development, and academic support.

Underserved Communities

We are dedicated to addressing the needs of underserved communities within San Antonio Texas by partnering with local organizations, schools, and social initiatives. 

We provide access to basketball teams, training, coaching, and educational resources to those who may face barriers to participation.


Lifelong Learning

We are committed to the educational aspect of basketball, encouraging a thirst for knowledge and continuous learning. 

Through workshops, seminars, and scholarships, we provide opportunities for youth athletes, to enhance their skills, knowledge, and understanding of the game.


Contact us

Telephone: +1 (888) 950-0770

E-mail: info@levelplayingfield.community

Address: 18203 Rim Drive 101 #1216 San Antonio, TX 78257

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